Object Fix Zip Changes History

Object Fix Zip v. 1.7 2008-03-25
+ German and Spanish interface languages added
- Fixed a bug that caused the "Format '%s' invalid" error
- Fixed a bug with absence of backslash in file path

Object Fix Zip v. 1.6.1 2007-06-25
- Fixed several minor bugs

Object Fix Zip v. 1.6 2007-04-06
- Fixed several minor errors

Object Fix Zip v. 1.5 2006-05-23
+ New interface with a brand new splash screen
+ Arabic and Italian interface languages added
- Fixed several minor errors

Object Fix Zip v. 1.3 2005-12-30
+ Croatian interface language added

Object Fix Zip v. 1.2 2005-12-07
+ French and Russian interface languages added

Object Fix Zip v. 1.1 2005-11-01
+ Simple statistics on Finish screen added: total number of processed ZIP files and extracted files are shown
+ Fixed working with password protected ZIP files
+ More efficient operations cancelling
+ Overwrite dialog improved - now you can overwrite or skip files by one click
+ Application shutdown, Repair and Overwrite Confirmations implemented
+ Splash screen added
+ Updated Help file
- Fixed bug when one file cann't be selected

Object Fix Zip v. 1.0 2005-10-26
+ First release

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